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    Privacy Policy
  ◆ Object individual information
The object is an individual name, an age, sex, an address, a telephone
number, and an E-mail address of the customer who input it when applying.
  ◆ Treatment of individual information
We will use individual information submitted when applying.
We will use it within the range necessary for arrangements such as staying related to those procedures.
Individual information is not used excluding this.
  ◆ About in the case of special
In the following cases, individual information is taken care of by our judgment.
Individual information might be disclosed at the demand based on the authority of the law.
When our company judges it is necessary to protect the right, the profit, honor, and the confidence, etc. of our company and the customer, necessary processing is done.
  ◆ Use of SSL
Individual information is protected by using the SSL communication.
  ◆ Action when problem occurs
If the problem occurs by any chance, service is stopped once, and safety is secured.
  ◆ Management representative of information
President Tomoya Kurosaki